About Us

Founded by Mr. Lance Bissett in 1929, Bissett Fasteners has grown from a single location in Vancouver to Canada’s largest privately-held distributor of construction fasteners and related accessories for professional users. Still headquartered in Vancouver, Bissett has 12 locations across the country from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

The Company had its beginnings as an exclusive Bostitch distributor of office products and over several decades evolved into a distributor of construction fasteners. The exclusive arrangement with Bostitch continued through to the acquisition of Bostitch by Stanley Black and Decker but around the turn of the century, the relationship changed and became non-exclusive. It was at this time that Lance Bissett began developing its own brand of fasteners, Bissett Fasteners, sourced in Asia from the same factories that made products for all of the industry giants.

Bissett has a long history of family ownership which continues today. After Mr. Bissett’s ownership, the business was sold to the Couling family who retained ownership until 2014 when the business was purchased by Matthew Sauder. Shortly thereafter, Martin Carsky joined Mr. Sauder as a minority owner of the business.

In May 2015 the new owners purchased the assets of another long standing Canadian fastener company, Canadian Industrial Distributors or CID. CID was founded by Mr. Robert Napier in 1945 as General Shipping Equipment and Supplies, a shipping room equipment and supply business. General Shipping Equipment and I.H. Caswell & Co. joined together to become Canadian Industrial Distributors Inc. in 1986. Just as Lance Bissett worked exclusively with Bostitch, CID partnered with Senco and continued that exclusive relationship in Canada until the acquisition by Bissett. For a period of time after the acquisition, the business was operated as CID Bissett Fasteners Limited in Eastern Canada and in 2016, CID Bissett and Lance Bissett were rebranded as Bissett Fasteners Limited.

The acquisition of CID transformed Bissett Fasteners from a regional player with 7 locations in Western Canada to a national company with 11 locations in six provinces from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. While looking after the legacy responsibilities to its people, its Customers and to the business itself, the new ownership is aggressively expanding the business through a combination of organic growth and future acquisitions.

In June 2017 Bissett announced that it had completed the acquisition of Air-it-On Inc., based in Edmonton, Alberta. Air-It-On had been an industry leader in the Western Canadian construction supply market. The Company was founded in 1989 by industry-leading professionals and currently operated locations in Edmonton and Calgary. The Company has its origins in and still caters to the majority of the relocatable structure market in Alberta. This acquisition further strengthens the Company’s presence in the industrial markets in Western Canada, particularly in the relocatable structure segment.

In July 2018 Bissett announced that it had completed the acquisition of Levcoh Supply & Repair Ltd., based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Levcoh had been a leading supplier and tool service provider for industrial and construction fasteners, tools and industrial packaging supplies in Saskatchewan. The acquisition marked Bissett’s physical entry into the province of Saskatchewan and strengthens the Company’s presence in central Canada.