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With quality products, customer service, and tool service centers across Canada, Bissett is dedicated to serving professionals. That is why we ensure that Bissett products are built to the highest quality standards.

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Founded by Mr. Lance Bissett in 1929, Bissett has grown from a single location in Vancouver to Canada’s largest privately-held distributor of construction fasteners and related accessories for professional users. Still headquartered in Vancouver, Bissett now has 12 service centers across the country from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.

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Bissett’s comprehensive merchandising program is proven to increase sales and profitability. Our industry leading solutions are customized for your business.

Bissett has years of experience working with Industrial partners, specifically dealing with pallet, furniture, mattress, window, and relocatable structure / modular home builders.

Don't take our word for it, read about how we help our clients succeed.

Hand Film

Hand Grade

High containment with no stretch requirement. Double thick edges for puncture resistence.
SKUType (Pre-Stretched) Type (Cast) Type (Blown)Width (Inches)LENGTH (Feet)GaugeMicronColourRoll Weight (lbs)QTY (Rolls / Case)QTY (Cases / Pallet)QTY (Rolls / Pallet)

LC Pro Hand Film

Conventional film. Thick, strong & puncture resistent. Quiet.
SKUType (Pre-Stretched) Type . (Cast) Type (Blown) Width (Inches)Length (Feet)GaugeMicronColourRoll Weight (lbs)Qty (Rolls / Case)Qty (Cases / Pallet)Qty (Rolls / Pallet)

LC Ultra Hand Film

High performance & containment. High quality resins. Less plastic waste & lower cost. Clear, quiet & greater stretch.
SKUType (Pre-Stretched) Type (Cast)Type (Blown) Width (Inches)LENGTH (Feet)GaugeMICRONColourRoll Weight (lbs)QTY (Rolls / Case) QTY (Cases / Pallet) QTY (Rolls / Pallet)

LC Ultrastretch Hand Film

High containment. Damage & drop resistant. Fast application with no stretch required.
SKUType (Pre-Stretched)Type (Cast)Type (Blown)Width (Inches)LENGTH (Feet)GaugeMICRONColourRoll Weight (lbs)QTY (Rolls / Case) QTY (Cases / Pallet) QTY (Rolls / Pallet)
BP-LC55152000-H55PREYY-152,00055 eq6.6Clear3.112640126
BP-LC60151500-H60PREYY-151,50060 eq7.4Clear2.6436144
BP-LC65151500-H65PREYY-151,50060 eq8.4Clear2.8436144


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